Aquadation creates “self-leveling" homes using foundation-mounted Internet-connected tilt sensors, cloud computing and a subsurface micro-drip irrigation system buried under and around a home.

The Aquadation® Foundation Repair and Maintenance System will forever change how homeowners can protect their homes from costly but common hazards.

Aquadation's patented system uses multiple zones of subsurface drip irrigation buried around the foundation of a home to prevent and - in many cases - repair mild to moderate foundation damage caused by the movement of expansive soils and clays.  

Our foundation irrigation system uses an Internet-connected irrigation controller that's connected to maintain near uniform soil moisture conditions near all sides of and under a home.

Our patent pending Smart Slab™ foundation sensors can detect 0.1 inch changes in a foundation's deflection and tilt, thus enabling the irrigation system to proactively intervene and begin zone-specific irrigation to adjust the moisture levels in the soils and clays around a home.  This early intervention of zone-specific irrigation allows the system to begin correcting any foundation movement before the homeowner notices any foundation or structural damage.

Our irrigation system can also prevent common insect infestations from entering the home by using biodegradable, water soluble organic pesticides delivered via the irrigation system that until now were not commercially viable.